The One Obstacle All Business-To-Business Marketing Must Tackle

Lack of trust defines all bad relationships.If you have ever lost someone’s trust, or witness someone else who did, you probably remember that it was very hard to win that trust back. It’s because people naturally like to deal with those that we can believe, and rely less on those that we cannot count on.This is also true when implementing your business-to-business marketing promotions.Since companies subsist by selling their products and services, trust becomes an important factor when sustaining sales.In fact, research studies conducted at Columbia Business School estimated that customer mistrust tends to increase the cost of doing business.As it relates to business-to-business marketing, mistrust translates into problems with getting readers to respond to your messages. If readers don’t respond to your call-to-action, it becomes difficult for you to generate bring in needed revenue.To avoid this problem, make sure you have a reliable product or service that people want to buy in the first place. Then, it’ll be easy to talk about it in your marketing promotions.But you’ll want to support your business-to-business marketing claims with data, such as study results, facts, figures, testimonials and other confidence-building data. You should always include confidence-building data in each business-to-business marketing piece you send out.That’s because over time, each marketing message that you send acts just like a deposit being made into your customer’s trust account. And, just like a bank account, the trust you amass will grow with interest.So, center your marketing on the trust principle.When you do, you’ll advance your company, and your business-to-business marketing campaigns, in the direction of earning the type of trust that builds profitable customer relationships.