Local Business Marketing – Big Fish In A Smaller Sea

Local Business Marketing AdvantagesThere are advantages to local business marketing. For one thing, a smaller businesses has less competition. That’s always an advantage. Being a big fish in a smaller sea has other benefits as well. With less competition, the target market relies more heavily on the small business to provide what corporate whales can’t: friendly, helpful, reliable customer service. Advertising and promotions are also more manageable when the targeted territory is more easily defined. One other less obvious advantage is that the business becomes embedded into local business life. This often translates to better business referrals as well as better connections to business support groups.How Local Is It?Local marketing can mean a lot of different things to different businesses. Most businesses understand it to mean the near-at-hand regional areas where the best sales and marketing territories exist. Thus, a locality with a great sales and marketing potential can be defined as local even though it doesn’t have the same zip code. Local can also mean a tri-state or province area. It’s easy to decide what falls outside the realm of local territory when the competition begins to grow in number.Marketing In A Smaller SeaThough it may not seem so, marketing in a smaller region can be very worthwhile in terms of resale of products and services. If this is the case, the resale part of a marketing operative should be adequately designed to accommodate this particular prospect. For example, planning ahead for future sales campaigns might mean compartmentalizing sales by percentage of new sales and resales. In this way, the plan of action to increase sales becomes clearer and the operatives less difficult in actual practice. For instance, in marketing to the smaller sea more innovative sales campaigns can be constructed and implemented that are all inclusive of a specific community.Taking part in community activities where businesses are given lots of exposure, for example festivals, community fairs, town-wide commerce events, etc. Or, create one specifically sponsored by your business. This may seem a bit small town. In actuality, it’s an opportunity to ingratiate the company into the fabric of the regional area. Some of the most significantly successful events held by companies are open house events that open the company to the public and offer the best possible direct exposure. An open house is relatively inexpensive by comparison to the value of the volume of exposure to a community.Creative Sales TechniquesSales isn’t solely about a purchase between vendor and client. It’s all about creatively establishing customer base.